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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update - July 20th 2020

So we have reached Phase 4 opening, but still

no word from the Parks Department about

opening the fields


So unfortunately we will be cancelling the 

2020 Summer Season and look forward

to the Fall Season to continue providing

the best Travel Baseball in all NYC

So as always, we will keep everyone posted

with announcements on the msblbaseball.com website.

!! Stay Strong & Safe !! 

Let's not allow fear take away the little remaining rights

we still have


 Keep your mind and body in tune with the world

 and do what is needed to keep your

immune system strong !!

*** 2020 MSBL \ NYCE Travel Baseball ***


We have opened registration for the following:


2020 MSBL \ NYCE - Fall Travel League

7/8u - 9/10u - 11/12u - 13/14u - 15/16u - Senior - Mens+

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*** 2019 Spring \ Summer \ Fall MSBL Champions ***



is looking for 16u/17u/18u players

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Mission Statement (Vision) of the

Mets Sandlot Baseball League

- is to grow the sport of baseball (and all sports) for people of all ages, focusing on the younger generations where sports participation is at an all time low


- is to promote baseball organizations, whether they are little leagues, travel organizations or independent teams.

The stronger the organizations, the more people that are playing baseball, the better it is for all involved


- is to promote the players. it is proven the more time spent on the baseball diamond, the better it is for the personal & social growth of young individuals. the game of baseball does prepare the players for life and the sport does create a bond between all people involved

that is not easily broken. the sport of baseball has many valuable life lessons that it can teach the players, including building confidence, learning how to be dedicated and the enjoyment of being unplugged and participating in the real (non-digital) world. 

- is to assist in the process of having the players continue playing baseball during their high school, college years.


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