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Travel Baseball

2014 Team Stats, Game Results and Box Scores

History of Whitestone BlueJays Travel Team

NY METS EVENT 9/12/2014 - Thx Demetri for the tix!!!

The Original BlueJays Travel Team was from Bayside and was started by Head Coach Kevin Schwartz. I was 15 yrs old when I played on this team and it was some of the best times of my life. Kevin was a father figure to me and he helped me become the man I am today. It was so much fun playing on this team, that when I decided to start my own travel team for my son, I decided to continue to use the team name BlueJays, but now the team has become the Whitestone BlueJays. The original Bayside BlueJays team was stacked with talented players and we where extremely successful in the leagues and tournaments that we participated in the spring and summer of 1992. I was talking about this team with a good friend and fellow BlueJay Mike Rubino and we where attempting to recall the original roster. This is what we where able to remember.


                                    C - John Guarneri            LF - Oral Wells

                                    C - Thomas ?                     CF - Mike Rubino

                                   1B - Adam Stork               RF - Louis LeBlanc

                                   2B - Jerry Walsh                P - Todd Trofimuk

                                   2B - Joey Clem                   P - Adam ?

                                   SS - Raymond Lopez         P - Tim Connelly

                                                        3B - Jimmy Hondras

Game Summary - The BlueJays played one of their worst games of the summer season. We once again went down 4 to 1 after the first inning and Luca Nitti was let down by his defense during his two inning outing. 

Anthony Guelleme led the offense with two solid hits and looked much more comfortable at the plate. Luca Nitti, Thomas Nagle, Satruhon Ramnarayan also had hit. Ronit Ramnarayan had the best hit of the day with a booming double to CF to keep the game alive in the 5th inning. Thomas Nagle also provide 2 and 1/3 innings of scoreless relief pitching. Manny Espinel and Satruhon Ramnarayan provided solid defense during the late innings at 2B and SS.


Other Highlights - The BlueJays first caught stealing by catcher John Guarneri. Continued solid catching defense by Vincent LaGrega. 

Nice double play by Ronit Ramnarayan (2B) and Thanasi Dilos (1B).


Player of the Game - Thomas Nagle

Game Summary - The BlueJays started slow in this double-header and quickly went down 4 to 1 after the first inning. Satruhon Ramanarayn deserved better and did throw a solid 2+ innings. Luca Nitti paced the offense by going 2 for 2 with a run and rbi. He also walked so was on-base all three plate appearences. John Guarneri continued his consistent hitting by going 2 for 3 with 1 run and 1 rbi and also had the BlueJay's first triple of the summer season. Evan Stafilias also continued his solid summer season going 1 for 2 with a rbi. Ethan Mak had his best BlueJay outing of the summer providing 3 innings of solid relief pitching. Brian Valiente also provided a spark off the bench with a hard hit double in his only at bat. 


Other Highlights - Solid defense by Vincent LaGrega at both 2B. Also solid defense in CF by both Brian Valiente and Thomas Nagle.


Player of the Game - Luca Nitti

Game Summary - The BlueJays played one of their better games of the summer, even in a losing effort. The LND Reds 11u team has not been defeated yet in the QSBL, but the BlueJays did give them a tough game. The BlueJays got off to a fast start with 3 runs in the first inning. Luca Nitti and Danny Bhola had 1st inning hits and Danny and Evan Stafilias had 1st inning RBIs. John Guarneri went 2 for 3 continuing his hot hitting and Jude Cutolo was 1 for 2. On the pitching side John Guarneri and Danny Bhola both had solid outing vs the strong offense of LND. The BlueJays couldn't hold on to their 3 to 1 lead, but did play a solid all around game.


Other Highlights - Solid defense by Vincent LaGrega at both 1B and 2B. Also solid defense in CF by Brian Valiente.


Player of the Game - Danny Bhola

Game Summary - Well, the BlueJays didn't respond well to their first 9:00 am game of the summer season, and seemed like they where sleep walking during the first 2 innings. Some spotty defense and minimal offense led to a quick 10-0 lead for Long Shore. We did finally awaken during the third inning when the BlueJays looked to get back into the game with 3 runs. Luca Nitti drove in two runs with a 2B and Satruhon Ramnarayan had run scoring single. John Guarneri provided some solid relief and pitch a scoreless 3rd and 4th inning to keep the Whitestone squad in the game. We then fell back asleep in the 5th innings where some more spotty defense led to another 3 runs and the game.


Other Highlights - Nice play in LF by Brian Valiente with a fly ball double play. Solid defense and hitting by Jude Cutolo. He made a few nice plays while defending @ 3B.


Player of the Game - Jude Cutolo

Game Summary - This game was actually scheduled to be played back in July but got suspended by lightning. We finally got to continue the game and the BlueJays continue to not put 6 good innings together. We where in the game until the 4th inning when it all fell apart on the defensive end. The BlueJays gave a strong LND Reds team too many extra outs and they took full advantage. The BlueJays did put together a solid third inning when they scored 3 runs and took a 3 to 2 lead. The offensive attack was started by a Jude Cutolo and Manny Espinel walks, and a John Guarneri single which drove in two runs. John then went on to steal 2nd, 3rd and home to score the 3rd run. Evan Stafilias continued his hot hitting by going 2 for 2 in the game.


Other Highlights - Nice play in CF by Brian Valiente in the 2nd inning. Solid defense @ SS by John Guarneri that included a nice scoop and tag of a baserunning going to 2B. Solid relief pitching by Anthony Guelleme.


Player(s) of the Game - None

Game Summary - The BlueJays continue to be competitive and played a solid all around baseball. We started off this game with some great pitching from Kemon Lardas and solid defense by shortstop John Guarneri. We then had our best offensive inning of the season during a 6 run 2nd inning. This offensive attack included hits by Jude Cutolo, Manny Espinel, John Guarneri, Vinny LaGrega and Brian Valiente. Manny and John both had 2 run doubles. Ethan Mak then came on to pitch in relief and got the BlueJays out of a tough jam during the 3rd inning. He was assisted by some great defense by RF Evan Stafilias who made a sliding catch to save 3 runs. The game was tied 6 to 6 going to the fifth inning, but Freeport scored a run to finish the comeback and the walk-off win. 


Other Highlights - Nice game behind the plate by Thanasi Dilos. Smart, heads up play by John Guarneri who on a ground ball, attempted the force at second but once the runner was safe, he went on to get the third out of the inning with a nice throw to 1st base.


Player of the Game - Evan Stafilias

Game Summary - The BlueJays seemed to run out of gas during the second game of this double-header. After a pressure packed first game we seem to lose our focus defensively. Starting pitcher John Guarneri did throw well and gave the BlueJays a solid 4 innings. John also contributed on the offensive end by going 2 for 2 with 3 runs scored and 3 stolen bases. Both Ronit and Satruhon Ramnarayan had hits with Satruhon also contributing an RBI. Vincent LaGreaga and Manny Espinel continued to be productive at the top of the lineup with a combined 1 run, 2 rbis, and 3 stolen bases. The BlueJays also went down fighting with 2 runs in the 6th inning.


Other Highlights - New addition Anthony Guelleme provided solid defense at 3B.


Player of the Game - John Guarneri

Game Summary - The BlueJays played one of their best games of the season, but didn't hold and went on to tie the Redmen 4 to 4. Luca Nitti started the game pitching and provided a solid two innings before having to leave the game with an injury. Anthony Guelleme pitched the next inning and 2/3 and kept the Redmen at bay during innings 3 and 4. Then it was time for Manny Espinel's first pitching apperance of the summer season and he provided solid relief pitching over 3 and 1/3 innings only allowing 1 run and getting the BlueJays out of a bases-loaded jam in the 4th inning. Vincent LaGrega, Ronit Ramnarayan and Satruhon Ramnarayan provided hits for the BlueJays and pace the offensive attack which was mostly based on running the bases. John Guarneri was busy at short, especially during the fifth inning when he was responsible for all three outs on flyballs to SS.


Other Highlights - Solid game behind the plate by Satruhon Ramnarayan. Solid OF play from Brian Valiente and Evan Stafilias who both had assists getting outs at 1B.


Player(s) of the Game - Luca Nitti, Anthony Guelleme, and Manny Espinel.

Game Summary - Our second game of the day went much better than the first, and the BlueJays picked their first win in offical league\tournament play. We finally put 6 good innings together and took advantage of a great pitching performance by John Guarneri. Backed by some excellent defense, John kept the Razorbacks off balance for all 6 innings and picked up his first win of the summer season and first complete game of his pitching career. He also had 6 stikeouts and only 2 walks. The spectacular defense was led by Thomas Nagle (LF-CF), Brian Valiente (CF), and Ronit Ramnarayan (2B). Brian Valiente had a game saving running catch to end the game and save it for the BlueJays. Offensively we did show some improvement and scored 4 first inning runs to jump ahead from the start. Manny Espinel led the offensive attack with 2 hits, 1 run scored, RBI and 2 stolen bases. Satruhon Ramnarayan also had 2 RBIs and Evan Stafilias had a solid hit to RF. It was a total team effort for the win. 


Other Highlights - Nice one handed catch by John Guarneri near the fence on the 1st base side. Ronit Ramnarayan and John Guarneri had productive outs as they drove in runs in the 4 run 1st inning.


Player(s) of the Game - John Guarneri and Brian Valiente

Game Summary - The first game of the day started off with no runs scoring in the first inning. Solid defense by pitcher Kemon Lardas and 3B Manny Espinel led the way. We then started to let some walks turn into doubles and triples and started to give the Razorbacks some free runs. Kemon Lardas pitched solid baseball for the first two innings but then started to run out of steam. Also our defense made some mental mistakes and the game did get out of hand. We really need to stop losing our composure during these bad innings. The Razorbacks was helped by some solid pitching which limited the BlueJays to 0 for 12 at the plate.


Other Highlights - Solid defensive play at SS by John Guarneri. Real nice pickoff play by Thomas Nagle, cutting down a base runner going from 2nd base to 3rd base.


Player of the Game - Manny Espinel

Game Summary - Our second game of the day went a little better than the first. Overall we still left our bats in the sprinter and didn't have enough solid hits as a team. Looks like we will need some more work on that side of the ball. On the pitching side both Ronit Ramnarayan and Kemon Lardas pitched very well. Other than another Grand Slam, we did compete and play a better game. Both Vincent LaGrega and Thanasi Dilos seemed to snap out of hitting slumps and had some solid hits during the game. Vincent went 2 for 3 with a single and double and Thanasi had a solid hit to CF, but was robbed by a great play by the Razorbacks CF.


Other Highlights - Thx again to AJ for filling in during the 1st inning. Solid defense on the mound by Kemon Lardas. Nice OF defense by Evan Stafilias in RF.


Player of the Game - Vincent LaGrega

Game Summary - The Whitestone BlueJays had a little cold water splashed on their face!!! Welcome to the AABC tournament. John P wasn't joking when he told me about the competition level of this tournament and once again went through another learning session during this game. The Clarkstown Stars played a flawless game and showed the players that attended what the next level looks like. We gave it our best attempt, but with only half the team there it was very difficult to keep up. 


Other Highlights - Many thanks to AJ Ramnarayan for stepping up and giving us some innings in the OF. Solid defense was provided at 3B by Jude Cutolo. AJ Ramnarayan had the play of the game with a running catch of a solid hit while playing LF.


Player of the Game - AJ Ramnarayan

Game Summary - The game was a well played game for both teams. WBJ started the first two innings with solid pitching from Danny Bhola and some great defense. Brian Valiente had a real nice diving catch in CF to save a few runs. Luca Nitti also impressed in his first pitching outing of the summer with 3 solid innings. The clutch defense continued with another real nice diving catch by Thomas Nagle in LF. The offense was led by Ronit Ramnarayan, Satruhon Ramnarayan, and Danny Bhola who each had hits in the 5th inning and led the way in the 4 run inning. The team seemed to be more comfortable today and played a solid all around game.


Other Highlights - Nice play at home plate by Luca Nitti backing up the catcher and getting an out. Solid defense at 2B by Thanasi Dilos.


Player of the Game - Danny Bhola


Pics from Sports Authority Re-Opening

Game Summary - The learning process continues and we once again seemed a bit tense during the first two innings. The Razorbacks played a real solid game and showed the team what the QSBL is all about. Hopefully the players are taking note of the first two games and will start to adjust to the higher competition level. Well after going down 7 to 1 and 18 to 1, we settled down over the next two innings and finally played solid fundamental baseball. The offense was led by Ronit Ramnayaran who went 2 for 2 with 2 RBIs. VIncent LaGrega also had a run scoring single in the 3rd inning.  John Guarneri pitched a 1,2,3 third inning and had a solid outing over two innings. 


Other Highlights - Manny Espinel had a nice diving play @ SS. All Outfielders (Jude Cutolo, Thomas Nagle and Brian Valiente) played solid defense for the entire game.


Player of the Game - Ronit Ramnarayan

Game Summary - The Whitestone BlueJays started their summer season with 2 runs in the top of the first inning. John Guarneri led off the game with a real solid 10 pitch AB and a solid single to CF. He stole 2nd and 3rd and then scored on a single by Danny Bhola. Danny also came around to score on a bad pickoff play at 1B. Defensively we started strong but it was the many walks that really put the pressure on the team. In the bottom of the second, three walks led to a Grand Slam HR that I don't think has landed yet (JK). It was a good pitch by Big E, but sometimes you just tip your hat. After that we did start to lose our focus on the defensive end.


Other Highlights - Double Play going 1 to 3 to 2. Nice scoop and tag by Saturhon Ramnarayan at home plate.


Satruhon Ramnarayan with solid single to CF for 2 RBIs. 


Player(s) of the Game - John Guarneri and Satruhon Ramnarayan.

Exhibition Game with Jr LI Ducks @ Baseball Heaven

What a fun day for everyone involved. Special Thanks to Minoutee (Ronit's Mom) for bringing the sprinter and have the players travel together to Baseball Heaven. It was a great bonding experience for the players and they had a ball going to the game and also coming home. It is so nice to see all the players getting along and having fun together as a team.

Other Exhibition Games w/ FHI and Inwood

Administrative \ Coaching Staff

I am very proud to announce the administrative \ coaching staff for the Whitestone BlueJays Summer Travel Team. We will be focusing on making this team ready to play tournament ball. For the preparation for these games (practices and training) I will have much help with the excellent staff we have put together. 


                                 President                                                    - John Procida

                                 Manager                                                     - John Guarneri

                                 General Manager \ Bench Coach           - Demetri Dilos

                                 Sponser Coordinator \ Bench Coach     - Artie LaGrega

                                 Bench Coach                                              - Pat Cutolo

                                 Pitching Coach \ Training Coordinator - Fr. John Lardas

                                 Hitting Coach \ Catcher's Coach            - Will Mak


Mission Statement

As we build this team for the 2015, I just want to give the parents an idea of what we envision. After watching the dynamics of other Travel Teams I am looking to create some balance between playing more competitive baseball, and to also allow the families involved to enjoy their summer and spend time with their families.


Here is what we can offer for this upcoming summer:


1. Competitive Summer Baseball - We will be looking to enter the QSBL for 11u/12u, along with the 12u Glen Cove tournament. During the first year of this team I want to enter tournaments that our players can handle so they can enjoy the games and start to build some confidence. We may also look to enter the Federated (American Amateur Baseball) summer tournament where we can look to play even more competitive baseball.


2. A Coaching staff that is flexible and understands that families have other commitments. What we will look to do is have a slightly larger roster (13 to 15 players) so when someone needs to miss a game or two, we can still have enough players to play all of the scheduled games.


3. A Coaching staff that will not only develop the players physical baseball skills, but a focus on the mental side of the game. At this point most of the players know how to hit, throw and field, but becoming a solid all-around players involves knowing all of the situations and nuances of the game. As they say baseball is 75% mental and smart teams usually are in every game.


4. No Tryouts. All players we will recruit for this team has been selected by the coaching staff and the players will not need to go through the stressful try-out process. The coaching staff believes in building the team position by position and looking for players to fill specified roles on the team.  


5. A fun, friendly atmosphere for the players. For those who have been on my teams in the past know that I strictly enforce a no bully rule. Since most of the players we envision joining this team have played together in the past, the groundwork for a close knit team is already in place and we look to build on that as we move into the future. Yes, we will be playing very competitive baseball games, but we don't believe in putting huge pressure on the players. I believe the players play their best when they are relaxed and are having a good time playing the game (and are not stressed or tense). 

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