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2015  Whitestone   BlueJays  Travel  Baseball

Whitestone BlueJays Travel  - News and Notes

8/27/2015 - Don't forget to register for WBF Fall Baseball. What I usually do is to take the travel team and split it into two teams with myself and Artie managing teams in this WBF Fall League. We will be playing on a 54/80 field in preparation to playing on a 60/90 field in 2016. To register go to the home page and click the button for WBF Registration. Fill out the registration info and Click Send. If you have any questions let me know.


8/27/2015 - As our spring\summer travel season comes to a close, I do want to thank everyone who is part (especially Pat Cutolo who covered for me so many times when I was late or not available for games due to work) of the Whitestone BlueJays family for making our season possible. It was a building year and I think we are well on our way to have a really successful team for 2016, when we transition to a 13/14u team and playing on the regulation sized 60 foot mound / 90 foot bases type field. After our last summer games over labor day weekend, we then move up to a 13u team for the fall season. I plan to enter a few more weekend tournaments and also schedule so non-league games so we can make a successful transition to 60/90 and also avoid our pitchers\players arm injuries. Naturally our roster will continue to evolve and do plan to start working our new players, in an attempt to upgrade the team. If you have any questions please email. text or call me (718.640.7253) at any time.


Whitestone BlueJays Travel  - Upcoming Events

Whitestone BlueJays Event Schedule

Whitestone BlueJays Team Stats 

Mission Statement

As we build this team for the 2015, I just want to give the parents an idea of what we envision. After watching the dynamics of other Travel Teams I am looking to create some balance between playing more competitive baseball, and to also allow the families involved to enjoy their summer and spend time with their families.


Here is what we can offer for this upcoming 2015 baseball year:


1. Competitive Spring\Summer\Fall Baseball !!!


2. A Coaching staff that is flexible and understands that families have other commitments. What we will look to do is have a slightly larger roster (13 to 15 players) so when someone needs to miss a game or two, we can still have enough players to play all of the scheduled games.


3. A Coaching staff that will not only develop the players physical baseball skills, but a focus on the mental side of the game. At this point most of the players know how to hit, throw and field, but becoming a solid all-around players involves knowing all of the situations and nuances of the game. As they say baseball is 75% mental and smart teams usually are in every game.


4. No Tryouts. All players we will recruit for this team has been selected by the coaching staff and the players will not need to go through the stressful try-out process. The coaching staff believes in building the team position by position and looking for players to fill specified roles on the team.  


5. A fun, friendly atmosphere for the players. For those who have been on my teams in the past know that I strictly enforce a no bully rule. Since most of the players we envision joining this team have played together in the past, the groundwork for a close knit team is already in place and we look to build on that as we move into the future. Yes, we will be playing very competitive baseball games, but we don't believe in putting huge pressure on the players. I believe the players play their best when they are relaxed and are having a good time playing the game (and are not stressed or tense). 

History of Whitestone BlueJays Travel Team

The Original BlueJays Travel Team was from Bayside and was started by Head Coach Kevin Schwartz. I was 15 yrs old when I played on this team and it was some of the best times of my life. Kevin was a father figure to me and he helped me become the man I am today. It was so much fun playing on this team, that when I decided to start my own travel team for my son, I decided to continue to use the team name BlueJays, but now the team has become the Whitestone BlueJays. The original Bayside BlueJays team was stacked with talented players and we where extremely successful in the leagues and tournaments that we participated in the spring and summer of 1992. I was talking about this team with a good friend and fellow BlueJay Mike Rubino and we where attempting to recall the original roster. This is what we where able to remember.


                                    C - John Guarneri            LF - Oral Wells

                                    C - Thomas ?                     CF - Mike Rubino

                                   1B - Adam Stork               RF - Louis LeBlanc

                                   2B - Jerry Walsh                P - Todd Trofimuk

                                   2B - Joey Clem                   P - Adam ?

                                   SS - Raymond Lopez         P - Tim Connelly

                                                        3B - Jimmy Hondras

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