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       2016 WBF Fall Baseball Registration

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Hello to all parents and players,


In 2016 we have seen much growth with the NYCE Travel League and look to finish off the summer with some great played, competitive baseball. 


But it also that time of year again to start planning for Fall Baseball. 

Based on our successes over the previous 4 fall seasons, we will not look to change much of what we have been doing, but do want to improve the program to make the 2016 WBF fall season even better than before:


Here is the breakdown of what the 2016 WBF Fall Baseball Season will offer:


1. For ages 12-15 we will offer the following:

        - wood bat only (including bamboo)

        - 60 foot pitching mound with 50 pitch count limit for all ages 

        - 90 foot bases

        - all MLB rules - so the players are playing the same game they are watching               on TV and playing in their video games. Part of what we do is to teach the                 players about all aspects of the game. And part of that is learning the game               with all MLB rules enforced.  


As in previos WBF fall season, we will look to break up the players into teams that will be competitive every game. We can't guarantee that every game will end in a tie, but I want every game to possible be a close, well played game. We also will look to keep the rosters as similar as possible to the previous years. We here at the Mets Sandlot Baseball League, think the players play better team ball when they already know most of the players on the team, and have been playing together for now 2 to 3 years. We have been doing that since 2012 and like the dynamic it creates in the league. We will move some players to other teams since we may have more teams this season and also look to create that competitive balance between all teams.

2. For ages 5 and up we offer the WBF Oreos. This is for beginner players looking to learn the proper way to play baseball.

We will also be bringing back the WBF Oreos program for its 4th season. But this time around we look to make 2 or 3 teams so we can, along with the training we will provide for these younger players, look to also start playing as many simulation games as possible. We had a great time with the Oreo's over the spring and summer and really look forward to working and developing the younger players.


We will also look to collect a small fee to cover uniforms, umpire and insurance costs. We will look to collect all fees during the first weekend of games and we will use every cent we collect for providing the best baseball experience possible. 


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