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Mets Sandlot Baseball League  - 2016 MSBL Labor Day Weekend Invitational

M  E  T  S       S  A  N  D  L  O  T       B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L        L  E  A  G  U  E

2  0  1  6      L  A  B  O  R    D  A  Y    W  E  E  K  E  N  D    I  N  V  I  T  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     T  O  U  R  N  A  M  E  N  T 

Congratulations to the BBA Bombers on Winning the MSBL 1st Annual  Labor Day Weekend Invitational Tournament. It was an action packed championship with the BBA Bombers defeating the Akadema Angels 9 to 8 in an exciting extra inning game. The Bombers won the game in the bottom of the 9th inning with a walk-off hit.

Many thanks to the players, coaches, & families of the Bombers, Angels, Razorbacks and BlueJays for their participation

2  0  1  6      L  A  B  O  R    D  A  Y    W  E  E  K  E  N  D    I  N  V  I  T  A  T  I  O  N  A  L     T  O  U  R  N  A  M  E  N  T 

Mets Sandlot Baseball League  - 2016 Labor Day Invitational Box Scores

                 Rules that apply for the Tournament :

1. All games have time limit of 2 hours and 15 minutes. No new inning can start after 2 hours.  

2. First place \ Third place game teams based on record, then head to head and then least runs against.

3. Mercy Rule - 12 runs after 5 innings.

4. There is no courtesy runner for the catcher. 

5. Baseballs will be provided at the field.

6. There is NO league sliding rule. Head first sliding is permitted to all bases. We do recommend to NOT slide head first into 1st base & Home Plate for safety concerns.

7. Permitted Lineups:

Universal or 9 Batters (no EH or 1 DH) or 10 batters (1 EH)

Starters can re-enter in same lineup spot but

bench players CANNOT re-enter

8. Wood Bats Only. 

9. All MLB rules apply.

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