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                                 New York City Elite (NYCE) 

                              Travel Baseball League Rules

Divisions: 8u9/10u11/12u13/14u - 15/16u - 17/18u

      N  E  W     Y  O  R  K     C  I  T  Y      E  L  I  T  E     (  N  Y  C  E  )

                           B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L       T  R  A  V  E  L     L  E  A  G  U  E     

M  E  T  S       S  A  N  D  L  O  T       B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L        L  E  A  G  U  E

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Rules that apply to all of our divisions:

Please NOTE: Teams must inform the league of any schedule changes at least 72 hours before the scheduled start time.

Failure to notify within this time frame will result in a forfeit loss.

1. There is no courtesy runner for the catcher. 

2. Both teams must provide a new game baseball for each game. Home team may be asked to provide additional baseballs.

3. There is NO league sliding rule. Head first sliding is permitted to all bases (except 8u & 9/10u where it is not allowed). We do recommend to NOT slide head first into 1st base & Home Plate for safety concerns.

Mets Sandlot Baseball League  - 2017 NYCE Division's Rules Matrix

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