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 B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L       T  R  A  V  E  L     L  E  A  G  U  E     

      Mets Sandlot Baseball League - 2017 NYCE 17/18u Division 

 Divisions: 8u - 9/10u11/12u13/14u - 15/16u - 17/18u  

This will be the 1st year for the NYCE 17/18u Division and will continue  the high school level of play in the MSBL. With the many night games we plan to schedule @ Randall's Island, the players in the 17/18u division will be able to play on their respective high school teams and also able to attend the NYCE games
Here are the details for the 2017 NYCE 17/18u division:
 - Born after date - 4/30/1998
 - Field Size - 60 ft mound / 90 ft bases
 - Innings Played & # of umps - 7 innings & 2 umpire ($70 per ump)
 - Leading & Stealing is allowed
 - Drop 3rd strikes are enforced
 - Bats Allowed - All \ Only wood bats (including bamboo)
 - Lineups - 9 batters (using DH) or 10 batters (using EH)
 - Starter can re-enter into their original batting spot,
        but bench players CANNOT re-enter once removed.
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