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 B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L       T  R  A  V  E  L     L  E  A  G  U  E     

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                        Mets Sandlot Baseball League - NYCE 8u Division

The NYCE 8u Division will be a new division in 2017. As we continue to build up the NYCE travel league overall, will look to now begin from the ground up.
8u is usually the 1st year the players are ready for competitive ball,
so we will start having the 8u players learn to play MSBL style baseball.
7u players are also welcome if they are deemed ready to play up by their respective organization.
Here are the details for the 2017 NYCE 8u division:
 - Born after date - 4/30/2007
 - Field Size - 42 ft mound / 55 ft bases
 - Innings Played & # of umps - 6 innings & 1 umpire
 - NO stealing, leading, & Drop 3rd strike
 - Bats Allowed - All wood / Metal only 2 1/4 barrell
 - Mandatory Universal Lineups

Mets Sandlot Baseball League - 2016 NYCE 9/10u Division Standings

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