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 B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L       T  R  A  V  E  L     L  E  A  G  U  E     

          Here is what we plan for the 2018 Fall NYCE Senior division:
 - Start playing games 2nd weekend of September to early November
 - 12 to 15 total games played (weekend double headers & playoffs)
 - Top 4 make playoffs - Champ tournament at end of the season
 - We look to create a competitive, productive environment for the                 players so they can work on their games and prepare for the 2019               spring\summer season(s) with a focus on preparing for 2019 high                 school spring season. Also for players looking to complete the college       recruitment process and possibly playing at the college level   
      Here are the Basic Rules for the 2018 Fall NYCE Senior division:
 - Born after date - 4/30/1999
 - Field Size - 60 ft mound / 90 ft bases
 - Innings Played & # of umps - 7 innings & 2 umpire ($70 per ump)
 - Time Limit - No new inning after 2 hours
 - Leading & Stealing is allowed
 - Drop 3rd strikes are enforced
 - Bats Allowed - Wood bats (Bamboo allowed & Composite NOT allowed)
 - Lineups - 9 batters (using DH) or 10 batters (using EH)
 - Starter can re-enter into their original batting spot,
        but bench players CANNOT re-enter once removed.

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