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With the 2019 WBF Spring\Summer Season is right around the corner, we look forward to starting up again. We are excited to get all players in the Oreo's Program playing again and instructing them with the correct fundamentals while keeping our time fun and interesting.

Schedule - Sunday Mornings starting in Early April

Location(s) - To Be Determined

Price - $25 per session or $325 for 15 session package.

Reversible Jersey & Hat provided

The challange with instuctional programs is, if the players are not having fun and kept interested for the entire time, the players start to get bored and start picking the grass and kicking the dirt (which is fun for 4 to 7 yr olds).


So instead of just throwing all players onto the field and having them waiting for some action which may never occur, we will not only play games, but do drills clinic style and also play simulation games in an attempt to keep the players focused and having fun. 

CLICK HERE to start the 2019 WBF Registration Process

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