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 2014 BLL Spring Season - Minors Division


   ****Third Place game has been cancelled. Both teams will receive 3rd place trophies****

                                 Age Groups - 10 and 11 yr old players


Rules \ Dimensions - 60 foot bases and 46 foot pitching mound. Most baseball rules apply


Field Locations - Cunningham #21 (73rd ave and 210th street - Spyler Field)

                              John Golden #5 and #6 (33rd ave and 215th street - across from tennis courts)


Division President - John Guarneri - email address:

Division President Assistant - Max Morinello - email address: vinbabi@verizon.


*****Reminder for all Minors Division Managers \ Coaches \ Players \ Parents

 NO YELLING AT THE UMPs!!!!!!!*****


***** Reminder for all Minors Division Parents \ Relatives

We are looking to create a safe \ comfortable environment for 10 and 11 yr baseball players so they can relax, and enjoy playing the game. The common sense rule we should be using here is, if you don't have anything positive to say, then just keep quiet.*****

*****Player(s) of the Week - Week #8 - 6/2 to 6/8*****


Joshua Denker from World of Discovery

Highlights - 6/7 - Led team with .500 On-Base Percentage and

1.000 fielding percentage



Previous Weeks winners are listed below in News and Notes section.

Coaches please continue to send me your weekly nominees.

BLL - Minors Division - Standings \ Game Schedule \ Results

Bayside Little League - Minors Division - Players Corner

Hello to all 2014 Minors Division Players. Hopefully you are having a great time playing baseball this season.


This area of the website is designed for the players to continue learning about the game, especially the history of baseball and the Bayside Little League.

Some more Bayside Little League History: We all know about the fields on 35th ave (Valle East and Valle West), did you ever think about why the fields are named Valle? Based on the stories I have heard John Valle played a big role in the history of the Bayside Little League and one of his sons (Dave Valle) made it to the Major Leagues as a catcher for the Seattle Mariners, Boston RedSox, Milwaukee Brewers and Texas Rangers. Here is some more info about the Valle Family:


A Story about the Valle Family and their great work in the Dominican Republic:


Here are Dave Valle's career MLB stats:

Rules \ Stats Section:


Infield Fly Rule


If you are going to be a successful baseball player in any league, team, or tournament you need to know all the rules of the game of baseball, even the ones that don't happen very often. I just heard the other day that a MLB player (Yasiel Puig of the LA Dodgers) didn't know about the infield fly rule, so I decided to explain this one to all of you (players and parents).


Situation(s): Runners on First and Second or Bases Loaded (has to be a force play @ 3rd base) with less then 2 outs (0 or 1 out).


A fly ball that in the umpires judgement can be caught by an infielder (fly balls on the infield or beginning of the OF) is an automatic out (regardless if the fielder catches the ball or not). The runners then can advance at their own risk, but the play at any of the bases is not a force play (but a tag play). This rule is designed to not have the fielder drop the ball on purpose and then have an easy double or triple play.


What to do????


As a runner you should tag up like any other fly ball with less than 2 outs and then watch to see what the fielders do. If they let the ball drop and it rolls away from the fielder the runners should be ready to advance if their coach sends them.


As a fielder you should attempt to catch the ball so the runner don't look to advance. If they do remember that it is not a force play but a tag play. 


Here is a video from a MLB game of the infield fly rule (and MLB players not knowing the rule along with some smart base running):

Baseball Stats Legend - All baseball players should know about the keeping of Baseball records\stats. Since a very young age, I have been obsessed with Baseball Stats and also kept my own stats while I played ball. Here is a guide\legend to most of the Baseball Stats used today:


                                    Hitting                                                                               Pitching

                  G or GP - Games Played                                                     G or GP - Games Pitched

      AB - At Bats (does not include walks,                                             INN - Innings Pitched

            hit by pitches, or sacrifice hits)                                                    W - Wins 

                R - Runs Scored                                                                             L - Loses

                H - Hits                                                                                           R - Runs allowed

              2B - Doubles                                                                                   ER - Earned Runs allowed

              3B - Triples                                                                                      SO - Strikeouts

              HR - Home Runs                                                                             BB - Walks

             RBI - Runs Batted in                                                                        H - Hits allowed

               SB - Stolen bases                                                                           HR - Home Runs allowed

               CS - Caught Stealing                                                                      GS - Games Started

               BB - Walks                                                                                       CG - Complete Games

               SO - Strikeouts                                                                               SHO - Shutouts

             OBP - On Base Percentage                                                             ERA - Earned Runs Average

            (How often you get on base)                                                         WHIP - Walks\Hits per inning

             SLG - Slugging Percentage                                                                SV - Saves

            (the more extra base hits (2b,3b,hr)

               the higher your slugging will be

             AVG - Batting Average

             OPS - On-Base + Slugging (Your total offensive production)

Hopefully you had enough time to find me (Minors Division President John Guarneri), Fellow Board Member and Uniform Director Rich Waltzer and team mascot Butkus in these classic Bayside Little League Team Pictures: If not here we are in these classic BLL pics.

Bayside Little League - Minors Division - News and Notes

Welcome to the 2014 Bayside Little League Major Division spring season. I will be using this web page to post all relevant information (Game Schedule, Division standings, Event Announcements) for the season.


 Players of the week previous winners


Week #7 - 5/26 to 6/1 - Brendan Gambeski from Cross-Bay Diner

 Highlights - 5/31 - Pitched 5 innings, allowed 0 runs on 4 hits with 11 Ks

  Hitting - 2 for 4 with 2 runs scored


Week #7 - 5/26 to 6/1 - Haydn Halley from Portnoy Dental

 Highlights - 5/27 - Pitched a complete game (6 innings), allowed 2 runs with 14 Ks.


Week #6 - 5/19 to 5/25 - Vincent LaGrega from Remix Fitness & Wellness 

 Highlights - 5/20 & 5/22 - 3 for 5 with 2B, 3B, HR and 8 RBIs


Week #5 - 5/12 to 5/18 - Vincent Morinello from CJ Sullivans

 Highlights - 5/15 - Pitched 4 1/3 innings of 1 run ball with 11 Ks in a 11-5 win      


Week #4 - 5/5 to 5/11 - Joe Martinez of Cross-Bay Diner

 Highlights - 5/7 - 3 for 3, two 2Bs, 1b, walk and 4 RBIs. Also pitched 2.1 innings with 4  strikeouts in a 14-5 Win.


Week #3 - 4/28 to 5/4 - Sava Loria from World of Discovery

 Highlights - 5/3 - Led his team's offensive attack - 3 for 3, 2 runs, 2B, 4 RBIs in a 15-6 Win.


Week #3 - 4/28 to 5/4 - Evan Stafilias from Remix Fitness & Wellness

 Highlights - 5/3 - Pitched 5 2/3 shutout ball in 2-0 Win. At the plate Evan went 5 for 7 for    entire week. 


Week #2 - 4/21 to 4/27 - Jude Cutolo from Tri-Star Lighting

  Highlights - 4/21 - Grand Slam Home Run, 4/26 - 3.1 innings of 1 hit, shutout pitching


Week #1 - 4/14 to 4/20 - Ryan Bowe from Tri-Star Lighting

  Highlights - 4/19 - Pitched 6 innings, 71 pitches, 1 run allowed, 17 strikeouts         



                 *****Make sure that all players have the proper equipment for the upcoming season*****


                                                            Mandatory/Recommended Equipment List


- Baseball Glove - make sure that the glove fits and is able to be closed easily                                                                - Aluminum/Wood Bat - Make sure it is not too small or too big. For most players at age 10/11 should be around  

                                            28-30 length and 17-19 weight. Make sure the players can easily swing the bat they are using 

- Batting Helmet - The league does provide helmets to the teams, but it is recommended for each player to have their                                   own helmet that properly fits.

- Cups are Mandatory

- Chest/Heart Guard - Recommended

- Cleats - Make sure they fit right. Recommended

- Batting Gloves - Helps with keeping hands warm during March and April Practices and Games

- Baseball Sunglasses - Recommended

- Bat weight - Recommended - Used to help quicken swings

- Also players MUST be in full uniform including Shirts, Pants, and Caps for all offical league games


             Players that are out of uniform may be removed from the game by a League Offical



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