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Since we do not have any baseball schedules, scores, pics and videos to post on the website, this area of the website will be used to post links to news stories that are deemed interesting and worthy of reading. 

A few things to keep in mind about the MSBL. We are not into political parties. We are neither Republican or Democrat, but we are Freedom loving Independents. We at the MSBL believe that the two main political parties here in the USA are purposely designed to divide the inhabitants of this country (and actually work together to achieve this goal). 

Here at the MSBL we are looking to unite all humans. Usually we do this by providing the great sport of baseball for ages 6u to Mens+, but since that has been taken away from us so far here in 2020, we will take a crack at providing some interesting news stories designed to make you think and increase the amount of critical, independent thinking in all of us. The more we can think for ourselves, the more we will realize that this manufactured division is manufactured, and designed to keep us divided and separated. Divided we are weak. Together we are strong and together we can make this country and world a place we can be proud of.



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