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2019 MSBL Knights Fall Season Schedule

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msbl logo_highres.jpg

2019 MSBL Fall NYCE 15-16-17u Division Link

Players are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before game time. If you cannot attend any of the games it is appropriate to provide advanced notice. Thx.

2019 MSBL Knights Fall Schedule 10 29 20

MSBL Knights Team Stats

MSBL Knights Stats.jpg
MSBL Knights GM7 BS 10 14 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM5 BS 10 06 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM3 BS 09 29 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM1 BS 09 22 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM8 BS 10 14 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM6 BS 10 09 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM4 BS 09 29 2019.jpg
MSBL Knights GM2 BS 09 22 2019.jpg

                       2019 MSBL Knights Fall Baseball Team Roster

Coaching Staff

Manager - John Guarneri

Coach - John Procida

Coach - Max Morinello


John Guarneri

Vincent Morinello

Danny Nelson

Matthew DeCanio

Fausto De La Cruz

Frank Martinez

Cosmo Sanicola

Jason Sedeno

Peter Papas

Joe Ragone

Will Peligrino

Aaron Torres

Shwet Dharia

Brian Valiente

Sonny Sanicola

Devin LoDestro

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