Mets Sandlot Baseball League

                      2021 MSBL \ NYCE                                     Travel Baseball Registration

 Please fill in the following fields to provide the

 requested Registration Information for both

 NYCE \ WYAL Travel League or any MSBL Tournament




Once registration is sent you will then need to do the following to complete the registration process:


1. Submit your official 20 man roster: 

League games must be played by players that are on your roster. Your roster can change and we do fully understand that rosters evolve through-out the season, so when you need to make changes you can simply email the league your roster adjustments. Managers and coaches must have all players birth certificates on-hand. Umpires\League officials will spot-check or ask to look at birth certificates at any time.

Email roster to John Guarneri @

2. Submit your team insurance information: 

All team participating in the NYCE travel league must be fully insured. Email insurance rider to John Guarneri @

3. Submit your team black-out dates, home field information and any other information that would assist in the scheduling of league games.  Email home field information and black out dates to John Guarneri @

4. Pay league fee & posted bond for the spring \ summer or fall NYCE season or pay tournament fee for any MSBL tournament. You can use the MSBL Store to pay with a credit card or you can pay with a check. Make checks payable to the Mets Sandlot Baseball League. 

***Once all tasks are accomplished, then we will work to start scheduling your team league games.


For Summer Season

we plan to schedule the following:

For 12u 60/90, 13/14/15u & 15/16/17u divisions

Up to 15 games starting at the end of May 

(or when your team is ready, ending in mid August 

For Fall Season we plan to schedule up to

10 regular season games starting at the beginning of September, ending in early November


All Seasons will end with (weather permitting)

playoff brackets & division champions***

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