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JJG Historical Stats

 I have always keep stats for my son and all of the teams he has played for in the past. Here are the teams I have either managed or coached:


JJG Coaching Record 11122021.jpg
DG 2021 Fall Minors BlueJays Stats 11062021.jpg
10u Padres Summer Stats 11112021.jpg
DG 2021 Spring Minors BlueJays Stats 06192021.jpg
St Lukes 6th grade stats 07132021.jpg
dg stats 11 09 2020.png
MSBL Knights Stats.jpg

2016 MSBL Knights Fall Team

2016 Whitestone BlueJays Basebal Team

2016 CYO 8th Grade CYO Basebal Team

2015 Whitestone BlueJays WBF Fall Team

2015 Whitestone BlueJays Travel Team

2015 CYO St.Lukes 7th Grade Spring Season

2014 Whitestone BlueJays WBF Fall Team

2014 Whitestone BlueJays Travel Team

2014 CYO St.Lukes 6th Grade Spring Season

2014 Bayside Little League Summer Spring Season (VI Pizza)

2013 Whitestone BlueJays WBF Fall Team

2013 Bayside Little League Summer Travel 10U (Bayside Rangers)

2013 Bayside Little League Spring Minors Division - Nitti Marble

2012 Bayside Little League Summer Texas Division (BlueJays)

2012 CYO 4th Grade St. Lukes Baseball Team

2012 Bayside Little League Spring Texas Division - JC Security Systems

2011 Bayside Little League Summer Texas Division - Bay Terrace Cardinals

2011 Bayside Little League Spring Texas Division - FAM Logistics, LLC.

2010 Bayside Little League Summer Texas Division - Team 3 (Navy Blue Shirts)

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