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M  E  T  S       S  A  N  D  L  O  T       B  A  S  E  B  A  L  L        L  E  A  G  U  E

MSBL Umpire Association

The MSBL Umpire Association will give the MSBL

a dedicated umpire crew that will be well versed

in all of the MSBL \ NYCE rules,

but to also provide the best umpiring in

NYC & for the NYCE \ Travel League, 

MSBL Tournament games & other leagues.

Director of Operations & Logistics - Joe Hili - 347.617.4367

Umpire Crew Chief - Andrew Lehman - 347.678.1076

2019-20 MSBL Umpire Association Training - Next Event


Next Umpire Training Session - Saturday 1/11/2020 @ 12 pm

  Location is the Polizzi Italian Club

69-57 Juniper Blvd

 Middle Village NY, 11379

                           2019 MSBL Umpire Association Training

We are looking to build on the current MSBL

ump crew to support the rapid growth

of the NYCE \ WYAL Travel divisions. 

We are providing top level umpire training

for new & veteran umpires that want

to keep extremely busy in 2020 and beyond.

In 2019 we scheduled over 1800 total games over

spring, summer & fall seasons and that number

should grow to over 2000 games for calander year 2020.

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2019 MSBL Umpire Association - Rules Section


  Rules for stealing and leaving the base

too early for 9/10u division 


  1st offense: (Hit or no hit by the batter)

Immediate Dead Ball. 

WARNING. Runner returns to the base 


     2nd offense: Delayed Dead Ball.

                    If the ball is not put in play,                 

defense has the option of taking

                                  the results of the play or                                      Runner is out, batter gets a "Do-Over".

                          Two types of Obstruction                    


Click Here for Official MLB Rule Book - PDF Download

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