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                                     MSBL Umpire Association

The MSBL Umpire Association will give the MSBL a dedicated umpire crew that will be well versed in all of the MSBL | NYCE | WYAL rules,

but to also provide the best umpiring in NYC & for the

NYCE \ WYAL Travel League, MSBL Tournament games & other leagues.

Director of Operations & Logistics - Joe Hili - 347.617.4367

Umpire Crew Chief - Andrew Lehman - 347.678.1076

               2019 MSBL Umpire Association Training - Next Event


                    Next Umpire Training Session - TBD @ TBD


     Location is the Polizzi Italian Club - 69-57 Juniper Blvd South

                                                                   Middle Village NY, 11379

                           2019 MSBL Umpire Association Training

We are looking to build on the current MSBL ump crew to support the rapid growth of the NYCE \ WYAL Travel divisions. 

We are providing top level umpire training for new & veteran umpires that want to keep extremely busy in 2019 and beyond.

In 2018 we scheduled over 1500 total games over

spring, summer & fall seasons and that number

should grow to over 2000 games for calander year 2019.

                  2019 MSBL Umpire Association - Rules Section


  Rules for stealing and leaving the base too early for 9/10u division 


  1st offense: (Hit or no hit by the batter) - Immediate Dead Ball. 

                   WARNING. Runner returns to the base 


     2nd offense: Delayed Dead Ball. If the ball is not put in play,                 defense has the option of taking the results of the play or                                      Runner is out, batter gets a "Do-Over".

                           Two types of Obstruction                              https://baseballrulesacademy.com/topic/two-types-obstruction/

Click Here for Official MLB Rule Book - PDF Download

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