*** US Elite Baseball ***
   has arrived in New York 
Answer the following questions:
     1. Do you want to play for a Nationally Ranked Baseball                   Program?
     2. Do you want to be part of a large Baseball network that               includes College Coaches & Pro Scouts?
     3. Do you want an online player profile that can be seen &               shared with College Coaches & Pro Scouts?
    If your answers are yes then you may possibly be a good fit         for US Elite Baseball. We do look to hold all US Elite players             to the highest standards, & not just baseball standards,               but also including academics, attitude, body language &                   much more. We are looking for the best of the best.
Our 1st team (US Elite NYC 2020) will start this upcoming fall season, but will be starting new teams for Spring 2020
US Elite NYC (2021)
US Elite NYC (2022)
US Elite NYC (2023)
If Interested do one of the following to contact Coach John
email - jtc_johng@yahoo.com
text - 718.640.7253
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