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The Whitestone Knights will be playing 13U games in 2015 and look forward to a great 2015 year.

Manager - Matthew Kao

Asst. Coach - Aramis Santiago

Asst. Coach - Andy Denaro

Asst. Coach - Tom Velaoras

Asst. Coach - Andrew Ciarnello

Whitestone Knights Travel Roster and Coaching Staff

WBF Travel Mission Statement

As we build this team for the 2015, I just want to give the parents an idea of what we envision. After watching the dynamics of other Travel Teams I am looking to create some balance between playing more competitive baseball, and to also allow the families involved to spend time with their families.


Here is what we can offer for this upcoming summer:


1. Competitive Baseball -


2. A Coaching staff that is flexible and understands that families have other commitments. 


3. A Coaching staff that will not only develop the players physical baseball skills, but a focus on the mental side of the game. At this point most of the players know how to hit, throw and field, but becoming a solid all-around players involves knowing all of the situations and nuances of the game. As they say baseball is 75% mental and smart teams usually are in every game.


4. No Tryouts. All players we will recruit for this team has been selected by the coaching staff and the players will not need to go through the stressful try-out process. The coaching staff believes in building the team position by position and looking for players to fill specified roles on the team.  


5. A fun, friendly atmosphere for the players. For those who have been on my teams in the past know that I strictly enforce a no bully rule. Since most of the players we envision joining this team have played together in the past, the groundwork for a close knit team is already in place and we look to build on that as we move into the future. Yes, we will be playing very competitive baseball games, but we don't believe in putting huge pressure on the players. I believe the players play their best when they are relaxed and are having a good time playing the game (and are not stressed or tense). 

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